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Making a List, Checking it Twice

As we go about making our shopping lists this season, keeping up with the current trends, and participating in all of the holiday fun…it’s a good time for a temperature check.


Lunar Vibes in Punalu'u Oct 2022 with Trial by Fire Community

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What is a temperature check?

It all comes down to feeling our emotions and ultimately taming them in the process. The busy season combined with all of the new trends and things to shop for can bring out an array of emotions. This time of year challenges and often puts a strain on many different areas of our lives. To feel the emotions that arise is one thing, but what are you doing with it next?

Beginning in 2023, Kapa Mag’s Ko'u 'Oihana Pono'i program discusses temperature checks in depth, focusing on developing mental health skills with the goal of producing healthy, well-rounded individuals within the community. You can learn more about our exciting new program and get involved here!

While deciding which trends to try among the holiday craze, Kapa Mag brings to you some up and coming trends - one less thing for you to put emotional energy into!

Looking ahead, we see a new bold color, Viva Magenta, replacing our 2022 pastel hues. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director at Pantone(R) says the Viva Magenta 18-1750 reconnects us to original matter; invoking forces of nature and galvanizing one's spirit; helping us build from our own inner strength.

View the pantone colors of 2023

A light purple, purplish-red, or pinkish purple color obtained by mixing red and blue light (thus a secondary color), but primary in the CMYK color system used in printing. Synonym is fuchsia.

There are over 28 types of magenta ranging from "magenta purple" to "shocking pink". Magenta was a 19th century synthetic pigment named fuchsine and renamed to magenta at the Italian-French victory at the Battle of Magenta. Credit

Another big trend are pants that pool around the ankles and floor skimming skirts, known as Puddle Hemlines. Click here for 2023 pant trends.

Barrel leg leather pant

It's all so Sheer for 2023

What Linda Fargot of Bergdorf Goodman calls "Body Pride inspired dressing"

To keep up to date with 2023 styles check out

Maria Ratzinger of L'Officiel online highlights the following general themes in fashion moving forward,

  • Focus on Femininity

  • Increase In Diversity and Ethnic Fashions

  • Return To Classic Styles

  • Unisex Clothing

  • Superfast Fashion-Trends Shaped By Digital Audiences

Taking from the Instagram Trend Report published this week, "DIY clothing offers a sustainable alternative to fast-fashion; more than half of Gen Z respondents said they plan to DIY their clothes in 2023." While this hurts the global fashion industry as we can read in the annual State of Fashion report by The Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company, we hope it also means a push towards local designers.

Kapa Mag supports Hawai'i based designers and features several designers throughout the year via our Kapa Mag Hard Copy, printed twice a year, our annual WE Peace Day Fashion Festival during September, our seasonal Bar 35 Window-shopping series and throughout all our media.

This year shop local, find these local Hawai'i based designers and support your community.

Or give the gift of confidence, poise and eloquence. Sign your favorite keiki up for a modeling or acting class with Kapa Mag or find the perfect annual package. Do you hear someone singing in the shower? Book a free complimentary vocal lesson with KT Studios. Need professional portrait or beauty shots updated? Contact us to schedule a photo session with one of photographers or get makeup help and application with our beauty department. For your favorite entrepreneur, book them a consult to see what we can do to help; social media development to general business services such as QR codes, PayPal and Linktree needs.

This time of year, as full of "good things" as it can be, develops many new trends along with stress on how to fit everything in. So as you make your lists this season, make sure to not only check it twice but include a temperature check with solution oriented ideas; prioritizing mental health with your fashion and shopping, for a healthy, happy end to the year.

More akahai please -

Happy Holidays to you all,

Kapa Mag Writer/Treasurer

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