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Kapamag Talent

Where are you?

Beginner; in need of or taking classes

Learn basic and advanced skills to get you to where you want to be.

Acting and presentation, modeling and presence and many more.

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On the Kapamag talent list

You live in Hawaii and love to be included in some fashion and performing arts events, shows and or productions.

You are happy to be included and will sometimes work casted gigs but will be able to view community and general castings.

Must be signed in on one of our Kapa talent groups


HMT Mx Managed Talent

You have been asked to be managed by Hawaii Models and  Talent, Kapamag talent company.

Managed talent are trained, continue to take classes and are actively attending productions within the community.

Talent here get help with their reels, headshots and specialty courses they want to excel in.

Kapamag actively searches for and helps talent get paid and outside experience work.

People with presence look confident and comfortable, speak clearly and persuasively, think clearly even under pressure. They act with intention. People with presence reflect on their emotions, attitudes, and situations and then adapt. They accept responsibility for themselves and the results they achieve.
Nov 28, 2018 


We build individuals to own their presence
master their presentation abilities

Presentation skills are the abilities one needs in order to deliver compelling, engaging, informative, transformative, educational, enlightening, and/or instructive presentations. Central to effective presentation skills are public speaking, tone of voice, body language, creativity, and delivery.

Presentation Skills: Examples & Tips to Improve Yours

Christian Eilers, CPRW    Updated 01/04/2023

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I'm interested in being talent

Mahalo for taking steps to your future -

Pa'i Foundation presents Mamo: the 17th annual Wearable Arts fundraiser at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Sat, Feb 18th, 2023 Designs: PoMahina Designs Model: Huali

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