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Thank you from Kapa Mag

As the season of giving thanks wraps up, it really truly has just begun.

Kapa Mag would like to extend a thank you for all who have supported our mission with your generous donations, sharing of who we are and what we do, and spending the time to find us on media and most importantly, get involved!

View the latest "Class is in Session" intro coming to all Islands 2023.

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Your support has advanced our mission within the community by helping the talented youth, local fashion designers, and emerging businesses to gain momentum to thrive and be provided with affordable access to a platform in order to prepare for their great achievements.

What’s next here at Kapa Mag? Well, thank you for asking...

The new year will kick off with exciting events and the beginning of creative classes for the youth!

First Friday, January 6th, Kapa Mag puts on a New Years Bar 35 show. Coming up on January 9th Kapa Mag classes begin for the year. Through Spring Break we provide classes in acting, The Stage, every Monday and modeling, In The Studio Photo Posing, every Wednesday. In February these transition into an Audition Ready class for acting and Runway Walk for models!

Find us also for private lessons, social needs and or creative courses such as vocals and ukulele class with KT Studios.

Kapa Mag 2021 Spring Break Intensives - Phresh off the Runway course

Skills and talents developed during these classes are put to work on stage in March, with our spring break intensives and events including the Honolulu Pilot Club Spring Fling or outputs such as the Kapa Mag Earth Day production for 2023. Also coming in April will be our seasonal Spring Bar 35 Show! We then gear up for our next Kapa Mag Hard Copy magazine and even more to come throughout the year, including intensives and productions on the neighbor islands.

We are already excited to expand our annual Peace Day WE Fashion Festival this year coming to the Kapiolani Bandstand and extending to the neighbor islands. September 2022 was a success at the Ka'kaako Amphitheatre, Sunday, September 18th. See mini clip below.

With the new year already filled with exciting things, we look forward to developing the skills and talents of our Hawai'i youth, partnering with more local entities, and being a part of the obligation to support our community in Hawaii.

Kapa Mag entertainment with designs by Meheanu - include us in your next event

Inspiring change and making a difference lies ahead for Kapa Mag and we can and only want to accomplish this with you alongside! We are better together.

Mahalo for your continued support as we make waves through Hawaii and beyond!

Happy, safe and eventful Holidays to you -

Kapa Mag Writer/Treasurer

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