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It’s All Gucci – The Luxury Life in Hawaii

The new film ‘House of Gucci’ now in theaters featuring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, is directed by Ridley Scott and celebrates 100 years of the luxury brand, Gucci.

Fashion connoisseurs all over the world are buying tickets to reminisce on the brand’s origins as the movie has made over $67 million in sales and is currently the sixth highest trending movie of the season.

KAPAMAG thought of not only the rich history of the brand itself, we also thought "Well how and when did Gucci begin in Hawaii!?"

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It took some time for fine living and shopping to make its mark in the Hawaiian Islands. With the onset of luxury hotels making their way to Honolulu and becoming prominent on the coast of Waikiki during the early 2000s; along came international tourists and people in business who preferred a more luxurious stay.

Luxury shopping brands saw this as the perfect opportunity to travel as well and came to the coast to provide for the new wave of tourism. Luxury Row, often referred to as the Rodeo Drive of Waikiki, opened in 2005 with renowned fashion brands including Gucci.

Through the course of time, we now have our pick of Gucci stores to shop from - in Luxury Row or Ala Moana Town Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, and In the Shops at Wailea in Wailea, Hawaii. It’s even said that some of the best deals can be found at the Gucci stores here in Hawaii, saving significant amounts of money. The store in Waikiki is known as the third biggest in the world, offering a major selection of products!

So as we celebrate the brand of 100 years and look forward to watching its transcendent story take place on the big screen, we reflect on and appreciate its beginnings, the work in luxury hospitality that inspired Guccio Gucci to bring the brand to life, and the vision of luxury that captivates our shopping taste to this day.

Happy 100th Gucci -

Happy Holidays Hawaii -

and happy shopping to all...

Always KAPAMAG....

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