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Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree with Kayla

KAPAMAG proudly presents... KAYLA from KAUAI

Kayla is a Hawaii talent. She is an actor, a singer and a dancer.

With her self - filmed and edited work, coached by KT Studios, Kayla, KT Studios and KAPAMAG would like to wish everyone a fun, happy and safe holiday season -

KAPAMAG Music Videos -

We train, coach and direct music videos for local Hawaii talent - See our KAPAMAG Youtube.

View just a few of things we've been up to this year with our 12 Days of Christmas below-

Do you have a vision of being in a music video?

Do you need a platform to begin, help direct or showcase your musical dreams?

Contact KAPAMAG at or contact KT Studios with any questions.

Merry Christmas -

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