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Back to School and return of Kapa Mag's WE Peace Day Fashion Festival

First and foremost our thoughts and prayers are with all of you on Maui...what we can do to help; read KHON2 or We are thinking of all who are being affected.

Secondly, mahalo for taking the time to read through and keep up to date with Kapa Mag. We appreciate your support.

Our 2023 summer actually started off with a bang, with our services being extended to Maui talent as we worked out of the Maui Photo Hub in Kahului.

Jeremiah; actor and model from Maui with fellow actors and models of Maui, Kyla, Joleen and Vienna June 2023

As summer nears its end with a new season in sight, is anyone else finding themselves reminiscing on the past few months already? The sunny days, the beach adventures, the summer travels, the new summer jobs, Kapa Mag trainings, Kapa Mag fashion shows…you know, all of the summer fun!

Kapa Mag @Wet and Wild July 14th, 2023 Neon Party

While we’re sad to see the summer go, what’s next is always exciting and what has past should always be looked back upon with nostalgic memories. Here at Kapa Mag, we had quite the eventful and lively summer! The upcoming 2023 Kapa Mag publication coming in September and being distributed at the WE Peace Day Fashion festival, will connect you with and highlight local fashion entrepreneurs and designers and up-and-coming Hawaii based individuals and businesses we worked with this past season and prior. Mahalo to Brit of Sparkle Style Co, Vance at Ainofea, Louda of Louda Larrain and Isha of Artishacollection to name a few of the summer 2023 designers we've recently worked with.

As stated above, summer 2023 kicked off with our Summer intensive courses where Kapa Mag provided a week of skills training, talent worked with production (headshots and reels) and were part of a working production (video or live showcase). We are excited to have worked with and trained talent not only from Maui but from the Islands of Kauai and Oahu this summer. Kapa Mag is a collaborative, community based organization, working in partnership with Lifestyles by Tina and KT Studios.

Please prepare and find us for Kapa Mag skills training coming to all islands including the Island of Lana'i for Spring and Summer of 2024.

Kapa Mag Director, Franc Coffee and Tina of Lifestyles by Tina ; June Intensives 2023

The Kapa Mag summer Intensive is one of several ways talent can work with Kapa Mag and is designed to give Hawaii kids an opportunity to gain confidence-building skills needed to accomplish process, performance, and outcome goals along with serving our mission of empowering the people and merchants within the Hawaiian Island chain.

"Class Is In Session" Kapa Mag Kauai Summer Intensive Live Performance at Kukui Grove; June Intensives 2023

This summer, Kapa Mag’s First Friday Fashion Show at Bar 35, at the top of July, gave us the opportunity to put a spotlight on local Kauai based designer, Isha of Artisha Creations!

See video below featuring a sportsbra and yoga ankle legging set by Isha with designs modeled by Kapa Mag models and talent. Contact us for professional talent and or event needs.

Kapa Mag's "Windowshopping" series brings local designer spotlights to the community; Bar 35 2023

With this summer being our last Bar35 Windowshopping event, we encourage you to follow our EVENTS PAGE to keep up with and learn how to get involved with or attend upcoming events, like our Back to School Fashion Expose at Pearl Ridge and Kukui Grove and our annual fundraiser, the WE Peace Day Fashion and Music Festival coming September 17th to the Kapiolani Bandstand in Waikiki. This event started during the pandemic and encourages community creatives to come together and enjoy an afternoon of fashion, music and art.

Anyone with talent interested in being on a platform, please contact Kapa Mag asap.

As we finish up the summer, we reflect on how Kapa Mag has expanded this year. Not only have we extended our classes and events to the neighbor Islands but we are also supporting via our Kapa Mag services the following non-profits and community outlets.

The Brain Injury Association of Hawaii works to promote the rights of individuals experiencing disability caused by brain injury, to increase public awareness of brain injury, to provide education, information, resources, and support for individuals who have sustained a brain injury and for their families, to advocate on behalf of individuals who have sustained a brain injury, and to promote prevention of brain injuries in our community.

The Brain Injury of Hawaii has regular monthly support meetings every last Saturday of the month and will be holding their annual fundraiser on October 7th, 2023

St. Francis Healthcare System is Hawaii’s only Catholic healthcare system. We specialize in pre-and post-acute care, and are committed to helping you access the most appropriate level of care for you and your family.

Kapa Mag has had the pleasure of offering entertainment to the Kupuna of Hale O Meleana for the past few months and will be a part of the St. Francis wellness fair, August 18th, 2023.

Kapa Mag entertaining Hawai'i kupuna at the St. Francis Healthcare Systems of Hawaii, July 2023

The summer of 2023 has been remarkable, so help us keep up the momentum and continue with even greater accomplishments and community connection this fall!

Calendar any events or find us to include yourself or your keiki as talent.

Events are free to the community and we ask for your help to continue to provide free entertainment to our community. Consider Donating Now!

Mahalo for your time in reading our Kapa Mag update. Happy intro to fall 2023. KAPAMAG - More than a Magazine is a 501(c)3 with the mission of empowering the people and merchants within the Hawaiian Island chain

1) by providing safe, ethical and affordable confidence and self-development coaching to all Hawaii youth and teens in an attempt to build community and keep our keiki safe from technology abuse and social anxieties,

2) by providing Hawaii youth and Hawaii creatives (with an emphasis on the fashion industry of Hawaii) a safe, continual platform to showcase and develop self and or brand and

3) by providing affordable business aid to start up, emerging or non-profit businesses developed in and for Hawaii. KAPA MAG is here for you if you need us. And if you don't, please help us with a donation. You're generosity will be appreciated by a creative youth.


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