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KAPA Magazine summer 2021 classes and services

Image taken at Lanikai Beach Park - KAPA MAG Issue #1 Summer 2017
Picture by Tran Nelson

Summer is coming in hot and we are gearing up for a couple months of incredible classes for students looking to join in on some fun summer activities and learn a thing or two about the creative industry in Hawaii!

KAPA classes include a variety of lessons ranging from acting to modeling to vocals and everything in between. You can book your class at and read more about each course here!

Or email and /or call us at or (808) 383-0310. We are a customer centered organization, setup and designed for each and everyone's specific needs.

Looking to break into the entertainment industry and not sure where to start or which area to focus on? We offer a selection of courses perfect for you! Choose from ‘What do you bring to the table?’ a course that challenges you to find what makes you happy. Coaches use performing art techniques and exercises to display your essence. A complete portfolio is provided when complete.

Rather have a sampler of each slice of the Entertainment Industry? Join ‘The Spotlight,’ a course in which students can determine what part of the Entertainment Industry, if any, they would like to train in. In this 8 course module, we take talent from personal development to acting (theatre vs tv), modeling, singing/vocal, movement and production and direction aspects. If students complete this course, they will be able to determine what path they want to take within the Industry and train specifically to their goals.

Want to learn more about the industry? Select ‘Basics of the Industry’ for modeling and acting basics courses! Already have the basics down and ready to start auditioning? Check out ‘The Audition - Book the Job!’ where you will learn to present yourself, have material in your library for auditions, master your delivery of said pieces and carry yourself with confidence. This class does not review resume and interviews. For resume and interviewing support, join the ‘Get Reeled’ class, where KAPA helps you with all your performing arts needs! This class is designed for anyone who needs assistance getting their performing arts tools organized and ready to go. We assist with reels, headshots, resumes, comp cards, YouTube start-ups and anything else that is needed.

Students at Hawaii Theatre - with KAPAMAG

If you already have a thing for acting and would like to learn more about it – perfect! We offer ‘The Stage - Building Blocks of Acting’ which outlines the basics of acting, how to become a Character, in depth Script Analysis, complete with a small, live performance.

KAPAMAG Vocal Student Marley

Ready to advance in acting techniques with a music emphasis?

Take KAPA’s ‘Right on Cue’ 8 course class to stay connected with your voice via the theatre and dramatic acting. This course is a hybrid online layout with the third and final courses in a theatre setting. Final classes are to develop the output which will be be determined as a class.

Want to develop a musical talent? Start with ‘Know your Voice', a 6 class course that helps beginning singers to learn vocal basics, exercises to strengthen their vocal chords and singing tips and lessons.

This course led by coach, Kana'i Takemura of KT Studios and can determine talent's future trajectory in music or any other performing arts trainings. Contact Kana'i Takemura at @_ktstudios_ and

Kana'i T- Vocal and Ukulele coach Photography by Heather @itsallgphotography

Ready to ‘Create Your Demo’? Take this class to have a coach aid you with creating a music single or two. With this class, depending on readiness, students may be promoted to local recording artists!

Neither acting nor music sound like the thing for you? Why not try modeling?!

With ‘Phresh off the Runway,’ you will learn runway and print work techniques. These classes end with a live runway or virtual show. Need some help with posing before jumping in? Join ‘In the Studio Photo Posing with KAPA.’ This course will get students comfortable in front of a camera. Also in this class, students learn the foundations of body and facial posing for print and runway work.

So what are you waiting for?!

Get started on your summer activities with these KAPA courses for as low as $125! By the end of summer, you will be well versed in the arts and ready to take on the entertainment industry, with KAPA by your side!

KAPAMAG Modeling Courses Photography by @kaela.kado

With all of that said, KAPA also extends services to local merchants, including commercial productions, magazine ad space, and fashion shows. We highly encourage students to take part in these services once they finish their courses, to have the opportunity to break into the industry and get to work right away. Here at KAPA, it is all about community involvement, and we cannot wait to get you involved!

Contact us at, @kapamag or by telephone at (808) 383-0310 and ask about our classes, services and projects.

Kulia i ka nu'u and happy summer !!!!!

Story by:

Katlin Tara O'Carroll

Personal Stylist/Fashion Blogger

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