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Happy Peace Day from KAPAMAG

Click link above to watch.

Find an hour of time to enjoy a nice cup of tea and just enjoy -

Landon from the Big Island of Hawaii -

Kayla from Kauai -

Huali, Six, Kaiika, Andy Masaya Rivers, and Chryst Moon of Oahu and featuring the lovely sounds of voice and ukulele coach Kana’i of KT Studios.

With a special entry from Tepairu Yarbrough, LCSW, of Waimanalo on Peace and choice.

This WE Elua we introduce KAPAMAG’s newest community productions; The Franc Show with first guests: Madeira, Zarah and Rene Rodriguez of Oahu with camera direction by Dillon Nobori. AND KAPAMAG’s Hawaii Talent Music Videos – filmed in the Hawaii Theatre in Honolulu.

Enjoy the debut music videos of Ava Gianna’s, Prom Queen, Kaiika’s, Paiin and a Halloween treat by Arielle.

Mahalo to all that believe in encouraging and making peace infectious –

WE Elua is dedicated to the 4.55 million people whose lives have been lost to this pandemic.

Aloha and please try to live with peace and love in your hearts!

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