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On Trend with KAPA Magazine-

Our “On Trend” stories highlight up and coming trends, designers and models who are changing the fashion scene in Hawaii.

Whether it’s spread through their influence of just living life and being “on trend”, posting on social media, strutting on a runway or a good ol’ fashion clothing launch…

KAPA will strive to be there to get you all the latest details…


VSCO girls and E-boys are Invading the Islands!

As we move into a new year, oh excuse me, decade, KAPA thought we should take a moment to check in on trending styles and the fashion of our keiki and young adults.

With all the changes going down, from new moons to new years, now is as good a time as any to check in on the new styles and up and coming trends that will roll into the new year.

We took some time to sit down with some of our tween models, between the ages of 11 and 14.

As models and Hawaii locals, KAPA thought they would have the scoop on what the kids are getting up to these days when it comes to styles and trends.

In addition to our models, we sent some questions down the grapevine and out into the islands to see what other people were noticing on the fashion front.

We got back a lot of good information on what’s going down, but two words kept coming up, VSCO (Vis-co) girls and E-boys.

With the very popular musical app, TikTok, our keiki are tracking on the trends of the mainland and even Europe. VSCO girls and E-boys are all the rage at the moment, and there seems to be some controversy behind it. Now for those of us who don't know, TikTok is an app where people post sixty second videos of themselves dancing, singing, telling jokes or hanging out with friends. People copy, or imitate famous TikTok dances, songs and jokes and post them onto their own accounts.

VSCO girls, so named for the photo editing app VSCO, blew up on TikTok and so did their friends the E-boys. Perhaps the new “Tumblr girls” from 2016, VSCO girls are supposed to be laid back, birkenstock wearing, hydro flask carrying girls with messy top knots, baggy shirts and puka shells. Now if you’ve been anywhere around the UH campus recently, you know this look and style and see how it is taking off among the younger generations.

“It's a casual look and lifestyle and aesthetic they are going for. It’s got undertones of environmental consciousness, but it's also all about the materials, the accessories make the look.” Said Sammy, a popular model on Instagram based here in the islands.

With social media growing in the world, and certainly here in the islands, we are seeing Instagram models and other social media based Influencers rise in popularity and exposure.

VSCO girls are certainly on that list.

E-boys are often seen in dark skater brand clothes, or specific name brands like Nike, Thrasher and RVCA and Quicksilver here in Hawaii. They are often seen online staring into the camera blowing kisses or striking some of the classic TikTok poses. With usually a single dangling earring, dozens of chain necklaces and styled hair, they are to this new generation the new “emo”, without the hallmarked moody attitude and depressed disposition.

E-boys are a little bit more tech and trend based and it’s all about the online views baby. Also tied to Instagram modeling, they rose in popularity online and it's all about the clout and image they personify on their online platforms.

Some people, like our models, think the whole craze of these two trends to be “cringey” and unoriginal. Recognizing that the style, look and trend is “super mainland” whereas here on the islands we try to be as casual as possible anyway. It's hot and we islanders have things to do, so we don't always throw on a nice RIX shirt or Chanel for work.

While these two trends may be taking the spotlight at the moment, Hawaii is blooming on it's own, independent of TikTok and Instagram. Vans, Nikes and Reeboks seem to be everywhere once again, and ironically, graphic free crop tops and V-necks. Graphics tend to take away from an individual said some of our models.

“When we get dressed up, or we think we look good, we will go to trendy spots at the malls or nearby. We take Instagram pictures while we are out so people can see we went somewhere trendy... It's kind of shallow, but it's fun to feel like a celebrity with your friends.” Said Leah, a local Hawaii model and actor.

In addition to the return of Reeboks and graphic free Tee’s, reflective clothing and neon is also back with a vengeance. With a super modern look and aesthetic, the reflective look has made its way to the islands and it's taking off. We are seeing this mostly with jackets, bags and vests!

Leggings seem to have replaced jeans for us here in the islands. Having just been in Los Angeles, leggings seemed to be out and jeans were back in. But in the islands we are clinging to our leggings, mostly because they breathe more than denim.

“I love local Instagram famous people and models, because whatever they wear is going to apply to us as locals. If I see Mainland Insta-models, I like their content but in their clothes we would sweat here in the sun... The 808 models are for sure where I see a lot of local trends and looks that I myself tend to try and replicate.” Said AG, a local singer, actor and model.

Casual clothes like crop tops and distressed jeans are all the rage right now on the islands. Slippers of course, and if not, then Vans! Designers like Brandy Melville were mentioned when we asked our models and friends of KAPA about trendy clothes. At Brandys, you can get all the crop tops and distressed jeans you could ever want!!!

Classic Hawaii prints, or prints in general also seem to be on a decline for the moment here on the islands. A nice basic clean and graphic free look is what the kids seem to be going for.

In addition to clothes, the staple accessories of Hawaii are prominent and also comfort based. Of course we love our hoop earrings in Hawaii, in addition to our beautiful shell earrings. Shells are actually the most popular item when it comes to accessories in Hawaii. Adorned on bracelets, rings and necklaces, every local could probably find an accessory with a Hawaiian shell somewhere in their bathroom.

If you’ve got a tween in your household, what are they wearing? Are they following the casual trend or surfing a fashion wave of their own?

Check out or visit us on instagram and facebook and post your trend.

Thank you for reading, and until next time.

A very, very Happy Holiday season and Happy New Year!!!

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