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Mark your calendar for KAPAMAG performing arts Classes

The New Year is here! What better way to start the year than with KAPAMAG classes (Select Education or Value Packages)

KAPAMAG "The Stage" - Acting at Hawai'i Theatre - 2021

January 2022 kicks off with three unique classes, encompassing the realms of acting, modeling, and voice. Begin your week with The Stage every Monday on Zoom, learning the basics of acting, including how to become a character, in depth script analysis, and complete with a KAPAMAG output on February 19th, 2022.

More interested in the modeling side of things? Take our ITS (In the Studio) Posing class, starting on Wednesdays during the spring of 2022. This class teaches the basics of photo posing, getting comfortable in front of a camera, and the foundations of body and facial posing for print and runway work. It also is complete with a KAPAMAG output on February 19th, 2022! All class online until spring.

KAPAMAG Models - Photoshoot 2021

Know Your Voice class is set to take place on Thursdays for HMTMX Singers – more details on the management aspect of HMT to come!

In the Know Your Voice class, students learn basic through advanced singing and ukulele techniques. Classes can be purchased individually or per month. Free trial classes are available. Classes led by KT Studios. Contact them for more info. Book online here and check out the Vocal and Singing monthly package.

Singer, Arielle, coached by Kana'i Takemura of KT Studios

Beginning in March of 2022 after the week of Spring Break is our Runway class, designed to teach the basics of runway modeling. With this class, you will learn how to walk the runway in depth, look at turns and walking styles and complete the class with a small, live or virtual performance.

Shows such as Window-shopping are regular events that KAPAMAG produces around the Islands. When signed up with any of our classes you automatically become talent and are part of the events and the semi-annual hard copy.

Then April kicks off The Audition class every Monday. In this 8 class course, you learn to present yourself, have material in your library for auditions, master your delivery of said pieces and carry yourself with confidence!

Not sure what you’re most interested in learning? Let’s take a look at “What do you bring to the table?” a course that challenges you to find what makes you happy. Coaches use performing art techniques and exercises to display your essence.

This class content is based off the lessons of the DOE Education Program created by KAPAMAG 2021. A complete portfolio detailing measurements taken in class is provided when complete, and four one on one zoom lessons are included in the cost. Find out more,

KAPAMAG offers many production opportunities for our students to be involved in throughout the year including Earth Day, Summer Fashion Show, and more!

So what are you waiting for?!

Book a course today and start your year in the best way!

Happy New Year! See our energy calendar to learn about universal energy flow for 2022.

Written by Katlin Tara for KAPAMAG -

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