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Choose your pricing plan

  • HMT MX Model Trainee

    Runway and Print work Workshop and courses
    Valid for one year
    • Training workshops - unlimited
    • Fashion shows incl hair and makeup
    • Magazine or Online Print Work
    • Access to photos from photoshoots
    • HMT MX Photoshoots
    • HMT MX Reels
  • the Spotlight

    Enter into the world of performing arts; acting and modeling
    Valid for 4 months
    • Presentation skills, confidence skills, basic acting skills
    • Runway skills, photo posing skills, KAPAMAG outputs
    • Voice lessons to determine voice capacity
    • A Makeup and hair class for personal evaluations
    • Access to all KAPAMAG productions
  • HMTMX Managed Talent

    Honolulu Models and Talent Management
    Free Plan
    • 1. Photo shoots (regularly scheduled shoots)
    • 2. Social Media aide or audit
    • 3. Story written in Kapa Mag hard copy
    • 4. Community interview with BTDC/feature on the Franc Show
    • 5. Access to any Kapa Mag modeling class or course
    • 6. Discount to any Kapa Mag "premium" services
  • HMT MX Actors Block

    Enter into the world of acting
    Valid for one year
    • The Stage
    • The Audition
    • HMT MX Photoshoot
    • HMT MX Reel
  • Vocal and singing

    Every month
    Singing techniques
     7 day free trial
    • Know your Voice with KT Studios
    • Create Your Demo
    • KAPAMAG Music Videos
  • Monthly Business Sup

    Every month
    Monthly business needs
    • Mailing help
    • Logo help
    • QR code help
  • K-Pop Dance Spring classes (8 classes)

    Attend all the classes.
    Valid for 3 months
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