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Bassa Ma with Kahnma at the Sakura Arts Collective

Designs by Kahnma
(Photo by- Tien Enga)

On Saturday night July 24, 2021 the fabulous and vibrant local artist and designer, Kahnma, Performed her Bassa Ma show at the Sakura Arts Collective in downtown Honolulu! In addition to blessing us with her mood music, she also entertained the room with her runway show featuring designs by Kahnma!

(Photo by- Kate Nakamura)

Kahnma has been living in the Hawaiian islands for years while designing aptly alongside her music career! She pulls inspiration when inspiration is at its peak. KAPAMAG sat down with Kahnma Saturday night; the evening of her show, and she had this to say in regards to her process.

(Photo by- Kate Nakamura)

“Inspiration isn’t something I try to force. If I don’t feel like designing, if I’m not inspired I won’t. If I’m not inspired I won’t force anything… I try to let what is organic and natural come to me!”

Featuring about a dozen beautiful designs on the runway, the show featured some stunning models, only to be followed by some original music performed by Kahnma herself! In speaking with Jonathan, the Director of the Sakura Arts collective, the collective itself has planned to regularly feature Kahnma’s designs as well as her music.

The collective is open to all creative‘s who may be interested in showcasing their talent and sharing it with the community. We look forward to opening the space up for more regular fashion shows featuring Kahnma!”

(Photo by- Tien Enga)

The energy from the runway as well as Kahnma's set was so powerful, intrinsically connected and strangely familiar.

KAPAMAG was curious about the newer elements to the set that we had not heard in Kahnma’s voice before. “When I feel broken-hearted I write beautiful love songs, when I feel dullness in my spirit I make very colorful art. This new collection from Bassa Ma; “color my peace”; is the product of the peace I found in my solitude”

(Photo by- Kate Nakamura)

Please stay tuned for more exclusive scoop on Kahnma, featured regularly at Sakura Arts Collective. Find her at Kahnma- @kahnma on instagram.

Provided below is the Instagram link to one of our on location photographers, Tien Enga whose images are displayed on this story!

And of course, if you haven’t given KAPA a nudge online yet, please find our Instagram, YouTube and website for all things KAPA; where we are much more than just a magazine. Community, fashion and education, please contact us for any small production, performing arts or fashion related needs.

It was a gorgeous show and a wonderful night at the Sakura Arts Collective with all the lovely models and the most fabulous Kahnma and her crew!

See you all at the next show!

(Photo by- Kate Nakamura)

KAPA Magazine- @kapamag

Tien Enga Photography- @thunder808hi

Kahnma- @kahnma Sakura Arts Collective- @sakura_arts_collective

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