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Back to School with Exciting News

Back to school is in full swing and so are Kapa Mag classes, along with exciting upcoming events and new services!

Kapa Mag talent showing you 2022 school vibes

Mark your calendars for August 27th as we kick off the school year with our Waikiki Bandstand Back to School Fashion Expo featuring local clothing and brought to you by Kapa Mag!

Also coming up is our third annual WE Peace Day celebration on September 18th, with festival theme: “Purple Rain” held at the Kaka'ako Waterfront Amphitheater. Spend the day with us enjoying our special peace day speakers, music, food, models and fashions and art! Come of course, wearing some purple and who knows what you might win!

At the WE Concert, local talent and fashions will take root at Kaka'ako Waterfront Park

Kapa Mag talent courses start back up with the school year and our new services have made their official debut, ready to serve the community in your ongoing creative and business needs! Check out our brand new Independent Social Media Starter Pack and Audit services – giving your small business the tools needed to create a strong online presence and strategies to continue your business social media successfully.

Along with social media, we also offer services in photo and commercial production, business development assistance, and tech tips on the go with our $5 Kapa Hotline, Thursdays from 2-4pm where you can get your questions answered or call in to inquire about missed classes. Schedule your 15 minutes of time now.

We are thrilled to start this school year alongside you, with unique creative classes encompassing the realms of acting, modeling, and voice. Begin your week with Make the Stage Yours every Monday afternoon starting August 15th through September 12th, learning the basics of acting, including how to become a character, in depth script analysis, complete, with an acting role in any Kapa Mag production.

More interested in the modeling side of things? Take our ITS (In the Studio) Posing class, on Wednesdays through the fall of 2022. This class teaches the foundations of posing for print and runway work, getting comfortable in front of a camera, and complete with a model spot in the annual Kapa Magazine Hard Copy.

The Know Your Voice class can be set as a custom date and teaches vocal exercises and ukulele for beginners, for those pursuing singing or taking part in a musical production! In the Know Your Voice class, students learn basics through vocal techniques, with classes led by KT Studios. Contact them for more info to book continuous vocal lessons or Book online here.

Ready to start recording? We also offer sessions to create your demo or recorded song! This has the potential to lead to involvement in Kapa Mag music videos, HMT Mx management, and promotion to local recording artists.

This fall our Runway class also returns, designed to teach the basics of runway modeling. With this class, you will learn how to walk the runway in depth, look at turns and walking styles and complete the class with a small, live or virtual performance. Book this course as an Intensive during the Fall Break or Spring Break or as a private lesson.

Any course or class can be private.

Ask about our private customizable lessons.

Shows such as Window-shopping are regular events that Kapa Mag produces around the Islands. When signed up with any of our classes you automatically become talent and are part of the events and the semi-annual hard copy.

Window-shopping at Marks Garage - 2021

In The Audition class 9 hour course, you will learn to present yourself, have material in your library for auditions, master your delivery of said pieces and carry yourself with confidence!

Not sure what you’re most interested in learning? Let’s take a look at “What do you bring to the table?” a course that challenges you to find what makes you happy. Coaches use performing art techniques and exercises to display the student's essence.

We offer many production opportunities for our students to be involved in throughout the year including Waikiki Bandstand Back to School event, WE Peace Day Fashion Show, and more!

So what are you waiting for?!

Book a talent course or production service today and make this school year the best yet!

Mahalo from the KAPAMAG Team

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Written by Katlin Tara for KAPAMAG

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