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Modeling and Presence

Kapa Mag's Modeling and Presence courses are designed to coach an individual through basic posing thru advanced runway. 

Courses are also designed to help an individual with confidence and presence. You might not want to pursue a career in modeling or performing arts but want posture and stance guidance.

Kapa Mag will also visit mental health, social media and industry material needs such as a composite card, digital media and a reel for audition ready work.


Sign up for one of the courses below 

Jan-Mar Classes

Every Wednesday (Diamond Head, Hawaii)

Headshots and reels

Production included

Spring Break - March (Diamond Head, Hawaii)

Summer  -June (Per Island)

Headshots and reels

Production included

Private Lesson

Designate your own schedule

Learn  same skills as group lessons

Contact us to sign up

Sign up or contact us !

Email us at or call us at (808) 383-0310 to inquire about the best class and course for you and or your loved one.

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