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Jerome MT: Power in the practice. Wisdom in the work.

Creative expression takes place differently for each of us.

For some it’s in fashion, and for others it might be something a little different!

As we are all inspired by creativity in many different ways, we wanted to speak with Jerome MT, a local dancer in Hawaii who also practices and lives spirituality.

Jerome MT was born in Germany, raised in Houston, Texas, and has lived in Hawaii for 15 years, all the while dancing. Not only does he dance, but he also practices several forms of creative expression including poetry, narrative writing, coaching in the spiritual realm, meditation and consultation spiritual work. Creative expression first took root in his life growing up in church as a child, where he played drums and sang. Because of this, he feels that creativity has always been a part of his life.

Jerome is very practice oriented – based on practice.

He currently has an open practice that goes Monday-Friday at Kaimana Beach Park at 6pm, practicing orisha dance, which Jerome says is fundamental and very engaging full body work with sprinkles of ancient African wisdom. This dance incorporates focus, intention and beautiful narrative. Along with that, the group freestyles along with a little salsa dancing in that space.

That’s what he offers – a whole bunch of practices including tarot readings, life coaching, and spiritual guidance counseling; with these being one-on-one and offered to the community.

Hawaii has been fundamental in his creative process, style and technique, and philosophy. He says that it has really been foundational and his greatest endeavor into his own creative process and developing style, technique and philosophy. Especially as his adulthood happened here in Hawaii, it has all been filtered and built in the aloha spirit and the idea of Ashe and African spirituality.

We asked how long Jerome has been practicing and teaching African spirituality. He told us that African spirituality is a term used on the outside but not something he would identify with. He practices practical spirituality, and because human evolution comes from Africa as a people, to him it is basic human practice - it’s a history. "All of these religious practices and spiritual endeavors are all part of human history", says Jerome.

Jerome has been practicing ATR – African Traditional Religions, things we understand as African

transported religious practices here in America, for about 8 or 9 years now. He has also been an

ordained minister since the age of 12. Raised in church, he has studied religion, Christian education, religious philosophy and things of that nature his entire life.

Looking into his experience with spiritual and artistic energy and connection since he settled here in Hawaii, he says that as a medicine man, artist, and dancer, he is always connected to the spiritual and artistic energy of any place that he’s in. Since being in Hawaii and because his journey began here, it’s been deeply connected to the spiritual and natural practices that produce culture and art.

Jerome tells us, “I always say that when you really look at history, culture is based on the art form and the art that’s produced by a certain people at a certain time. Art is artifacts of culture, so any time you’re in a place and you leave something, you create a piece of art that inherently becomes a part of the energy of that place.”

KAPA Mag wanted to know what inspires Jerome:

“I am inspired by love and practice, the union of myself, full human experience. I’m inspired by my purpose.”

Another motivating word that Jerome leaves with us, he says, “My mission is to practice, to share every ounce of information and wisdom that I can squeeze out of this life, to be able to share with people in a way that brings greater understanding, greater coalescence, and greater union, and brings peace and joy and balance into the lives of others and into myself.

My mission is to live love, to dance love, and to share the healing gifts of love. And I do that through breath and movement and by holding space for individuals in spirit and in truth.”

There you have it. Live love, dance love, and share love. Because at the end of the day, that is what really matters.

So what’s next for Jerome? We asked him where he would like to be in five years from now in regards to his spiritual and artistic workings. His answer?

“In this question, I would have to be looking five years from now. I’m in a space currently where I’m so fixed on the work, that I am just here ready to do the work and doing the work every day. I think five years will unfold according to how well and how diligently I do the work. I think if I were to answer that question, I would say what would be the benefits or the gifts that I would want to be sharing in that time?

I would just love for there to be more people practicing with me, more people that feel love and

balance. I would love to create a resonance around whatever I’m doing to where people feel joy,

balance, peace, aloha, and the empowerment of their frequency and their capacity to make things happen. I’m going to record a whole bunch of beautiful expressions and share them with the world.”

And with that, what message is it exactly that he would like to leave the world?

Jerome tells us, “My message is very simple:

There’s power in the practice. There’s wisdom in the work.

We are all one people. We are united in union and in truth. And I believe that love is the message and love is the answer. And we find that through practice; we empower those things through practice. And we find the wisdom to use that love through doing the internal work.

That is my motto. There’s power in the practice. There’s wisdom in the work. And the movement that we have, the breath that we have, the nature that we have – those are things that will heal us.

It’s all about practice, love, and work. With each of those, we can be united and truly make a difference in this world."

Story by: Katlin O'hara for KAPA Magazine

Photography: Heather Galbreath @itsallgphotography

Talent: Jerome MT @movmedhawaii

Location: Pu'u O Kaimukī Park

As seen on Feb- June hard copy issue of KAPAMAG

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