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Black Friday in Hawaii with KAPA Magazine


"Black-eye Friday” as it’s called by the New York Daily ( ), definitely did not disappoint for this 2019 Holiday season on Oahu. Did all our local 'ohana enjoy their Thanksgiving? Employees at Ala Moana told us that Ala Moana was ready at 6pm on THANKSGIVING DAY ready for the crowd. Did they have a Thanksgiving?

KAPA stepped out early Friday AM to see the biggest retail day of the year in action. Up before the sun, driving through Kapiolani Blvd at 5am didn’t seem so bad. “Ok, we can do this…” Onto the Ward area. 'Ohana Market displayed its large sign noting open time at 9am.

Ok not bad... as we trek towards Ward Centre, the car lights become more frequent, cars are turning into the Southshore Parking lot, could there be stores open already? Yes they were!

The lines for Crazy Shirts and Eden in Love were exciting. Coffee cups, shopping bags and determination were all we could see. Mothers and daughters running across the street to catch the street light and find their place in line, husbands sitting on the “outside” benches waiting to carry full bags of morning deals and little keiki being carried as they continue their evening

sleep were the norm this morning.

Onto Ala Moana!

The sun had barely risen and the mall looked like a Saturday at 2pm. Teenagers were running from store to store hurriedly deciding which of the lines they would finally settle in while each corner uncovered lines of shoppers who were waiting their turn to enter the store of their preference. Others were enjoying the entertainment provided by local retailer, Manaola while others were being interviewed by news anchor, Grace Lee.

Ala Moana and most of the downtown Ward area received likely thousands of visitors throughout the day! That means hundreds of bargains! We even came across a local shopper rolling her suitcase as she made her way through the mall. “I can fit all my deals in here!” she told KAPA with exuberant energy and a smile ready for the day.

The outer islands were rocked as well. With malls on Maui and Hawai’i Island also packed full of people! Maui’s Black Friday started early evening, yesterday, similar to Oahu. Eager shoppers got in line throughout the early hours of the morning to be first on the scene.

Here at KAPA we are curious. We often wonder, who doesn’t love fashion??? Or love a great deal or a fashionable item....? It’s incredible how many of us can’t resist that half price bargain and Black Friday is the one day that proves that to be true. Were you out and about at Black Friday today? Did you make out like a bandit? What was your best deal? Share here and find us at kapamag on Facebook and Instagram and share your Black Friday deals there too!

Thanks for stopping by KAPA this weekend, until next time!!

Mahalo and a hui ho!

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