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Welcome March. We're ready for spring!

Spring Break Intensive March 14-18

Click here to sign up for entire duration 10-2 Monday-Friday

Thursday, March 18th Production is our first annual Aumakua Show and Video Production as part of the KAPAMAG Spring Season Events Calendar. Location details to come.

See last year's Chakra Show (2021) and 2020's first annual Virtual Show.

KAPAMAG - More than a Magazine is a 501(c)3 with the mission of empowering the people and merchants of Hawaii by aiding emerging businesses with affordable production and media services while also educating and coaching talent of Hawaii via our KAPAMAG industry classes and the KAPAMAG educational program; Ko'u 'Oihana Pono'i. The immediate goal of this non profit, KAPAMAG, is to connect community to opportunity and opportunity to community with a committed emphasis on showcasing creative energy including a big spotlight on the Hawaiian fashion industry.

KAPAMAG is here for you if you need us! And if you don't, please help us !


the KAPAMAG Team

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