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Kapa Mag Summer Season - Hard Copy is HERE!

Aloha from your local Hawaiian fashion magazine nonprofit!

As summer heats up, Kapa Mag is too with a brand new hardcopy hot off the press! This season’s issue is full of inspiration and insider information from small businesses based right here in Hawaii.

In this issue we highlight The Most Irresistible Shop in Hilo and their locally designed jewelry and accessories, as they team up with Global Mamas to empower women and moms around the world.

Next up we have Brittney Baker, local photographer whose goal is to make everyone feel beautiful in themselves and to make a name for herself and her photography work even outside of the country.

We also speak with Melissa Jean Riggs of Luxe Aloha clothing hand made in Maui that specializes in custom, one of a kind collections.

As a new nonprofit, every share and every donation counts so that we can make a difference in the community. Each of the services we offer, from talent training to merchant media productions, has the ability to be listed as a tax write-off donation as an appreciation for your part in helping this organization do its empowering work. Donate here!

Stay tuned as we share more in depth features on each local business right here at Kapa Mag!

Starting with one of our beloved couture designers, Chanterelle of Kauai, who creates elegant pieces made with luxurious material.

Let’s dive in and hear more from Chanterelle, shall we?

Chanterelle comes from a long line of creatives, taking interest in music as well as fashion design. While passionate about creating timeless styles, she also carries a mission of inspiring the next generation by teaching skills that bring meaning and accomplishment to others' lives.

All about supporting local, Chanterelle stands firm in making her pieces and maintaining a business here on the Islands, telling us that "the more you can support, especially those who are making it here, that’s how you make the Island thrive!"

Read the full story about Chanterelle and how she made her way here in Hawaii, coming up next!

As always, mahalo for taking the time to read and support Kapa Mag, Hawaii's very own local nonprofit magazine!

Written by Katlin Tara for KAPAMAG

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