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JoAnna Hernandez: Molding beauty (Waimānalo style) -

Born and raised in La Jolla, California, Joanna Hernandez has always studied art and design and graduated from San Diego State College as a fine arts major. 

As a young woman she was always intrigued by ethnic jewelry...

"I would love to see the photos in National Geographic magazines of the African women wearing the big jewelry pieces around their necks. In my own way, I was able to create my own version eventually.

One of the things that is special with the type of metalwork that I do, is the fact that since non-precious metals such as copper, brass and nickel are much less expensive than gold or sterling. I am free to experiment extensively while designing, without the material cost concerns.

I have been marketing along with many galleries island-wide, so I am capable of doing a lot of "production" work.

Of course, it is much more fulfilling creatively to work on "one of a kind "larger pieces that I can share with my customers at the many retail arts/crafts events that I participate in, such as The Made In Hawaii Festival, the Merrie Monarch Festival, all events sponsored by HAA Handcrafters and Artisans Alliance.

Some of her work can be viewed and/or purchased from her Facebook Business page at 'Joanna Hernandez Jewelry Designs'.

Find Joanna's contact information there as well, and depending on your location, she can refer you to local galleries for purchases such as...

Please shop local, support local creatives and if nothing else, dress well.

Hawaii Designers Highlight for and by KAPA MAG 2021

View Joanna's designs on KAPA Virtual Fashion Show, August 2020 - and our upcoming Mother's Day Digital Event - May 2021 -

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