KAPA Introductory TALENT Letter 


Aloha! So you’re a superstar? Wanting to model, dance, sing or act? Do you have a special talent that must be recognized? 


Fabulous- KAPAMAG is dedicated to showcasing and coaching local Hawaii talent in addition to highlighting local Hawaiian based businesses.


We offer many different opportunities and projects for all talent on the Islands.


Click here to contact KAPAMAG. for a complimentary KAPAMAG ”What can we do for you?” zoom call:  Online 15 minute introduction Zoom with Mr. Franc.


Please see KAPAMAG opportunities  below and contact us with any questions or inquiries.  Click here to email KAPAMAG.



KAPAMAG Talent Opportunities


KAPAMAG Happy Holidays

Do you love the holidays? Do you sing holiday songs? Do you have a favorite Christmas dance? Do you write cool stories? Do you cook delicious  holiday themed delicacies? If so, KAPA Magazine invites you to send original, non-posted works to us to display on our social platforms. Contact us now!


KAPAMAG Talent Classes

Take this KAPA Mag survey to indicate skills and talent you are interested in cultivating or developing. We will review and contact all entries. Mahalo -


KAPAMAG Model List  

Must have already had a zoom meeting with a Director. See projects below by KAPA Mag.


The projects listed below are projects KAPA Mag produces on a regular schedule. We are always in need of models and talent. Please contact us if you love performing. Hope to hear from you soon. Peace and happiness -- KAPA Mag. 


KAPA Magazine Regular Stories

KAPA Magazine Bi Annual Hard Copy

Local digital commercials 

Physical Fashion shows

Local industry and community virtual fashion shows (Green screen info)

KAPAMAG Mini Movies and Production

KAPAMAG Promotional Video Production

and so much more……

KAPAMAG...More than a Magazine -