A fashion magazine to inspire, invoke and illustrate...
the ever emerging fashion trends, the always present fashion classics and the good ol' style of the people on the Hawaiian Islands. 

Kapa – Fashion on the Islands is a fashion trade journal promising to...
  • Present Hawaiian fashion trends, styles and designers

  • Educate on the history of fashion in the Hawaiian Islands

  • Include practical and authentic stories relating to clothing on the Hawaiian Islands


Our hope is to inspire and intrigue by highlighting and showcasing the progress of our Islands within the fashion industry and create a deeper appreciation of Hawaii's contribution to the global fashion industry.  Hawaii's indigenous practices and multi-cultural fusion has undeniably helped shaped worldwide fashion ideas.  We are a publication like no other.  Kapa seeks organic, raw stories pertaining to fashion in Hawaii.  We are not selling fashion; we are educating the public about an industry that has a vast history, an astounding present and an infinite future.

Hawaii can stand tall as a fashion capitol on its own and be acknowledged for our contribution to the fashion world.

Kapa – Fashion on the Islands brings up to date, local fashion news to the Hawaiian public.  We share stories from the people about clothing and style trends.  We educate about the fashion industry.  We highlight all things fashion, from what locals are wearing on a daily basis and why, to how the school systems in Hawaii teach future professionals about how to dress for success.

Fashionistas and locals alike will be entertained, educated and amused by the vast information there is to learn about the clothing industry and how it relates to every individual in the world.  Hawaii locals, believing they are not in the fashion world, can begin to see how strong Hawaiian influence actually is in this industry we continue to reserve for only the Fashion houses of New York, Paris and or Italy.

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