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High school questions and answers

Academic subjects and/or skills that students should focus on to be successful in this career

or program:

Management/business oriented/math/grammar/arts - visual - photography - 

b. Technological trends (equipment, software, procedures, systems, etc.) practiced in this:

Media - computer knowledge, electrical tools, innovative 


What is your job title? Various performing artists


What are your duties? Various duties based on profession; 

Do your duties or tasks change from day to day? Yes - from client to client or production to production

What are the physical and mental requirements?  Confidence, determination, creativeness

Are there any unusual demands? Sometimes


Is your job dangerous? No


What skills and personal qualities are important in doing your job?

Confidence, commitment, hard working, personable, flexible, problem solver, entrepreneurial, innovative, time management 


How do you use reading, writing, and computing in your job?

Various technological trends-computers, systems, software, procedures, etc.) Media - communications - consultations - supply measurements and orders - choreography - timelines - runway walks - acting 


What are the working hours? Are they the same every day? Vary


Are your hours flexible? Can be but also demanding 


Do you work weekends, holidays, or nights? Absolutely 


Do you work overtime? Absolutely


What aspects of your occupation do you like and dislike?

Fun fun fun yet unpredictable and subject to change and criticism, rewarding, entertaining, exciting, trendy, fast -paced, slow in between jobs, hard to get established, must pay experience dues 


What is the average salary range for this occupation?

Depending on how deep you want to go: No learning is wasted so able to branch into whatever you desire


Why did you choose this field?  Confidence -fun -we love production!


Are there opportunities for advancement? All the way to the top!


What work experience is required? Training - experience - work


What education is necessary? Dedicated training 


What special licenses, examinations, or certificates are required?

SAG/Aftra, model or acting certificates, cosmetology, hair or barbering, music degree, do higher learning at high end hair, fashion or model schools


Are there any types of internship/volunteer opportunities a high school student can

look into to gain experience?

We work with anyone who wants in. Yes reach out to entities you like and ask about volunteer or work opportunities, ask professionals in fields of interest and contact Kapamag for help 

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